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Welcome to A Billion Souls For Christ website.  Please feel free to use the material provided in this website to further the cause of the Gospel into all the world. It is however requested that appropriate acknowledgement of the source is given when material is used.

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I became a Christian 33 years ago, when I was a 14 year old student and was given a blinding  open vision of the Glory of God. As my hunger and love for God intensified over a number of months I got a second powerful encounter with the Living God when He spoke out of Heaven declaring His call on my life.  It was just like in the Bible days, the Depth, the Volume of His Voice shook me with awesome reverential terror. Little did I know it would take me 33 years before He would reveal His true purpose for my life and what the world is heading for. I pray to be obedient.

For the last 33 years The Holy Spirit has been raising me up for this time. He forbade me to go into full-time ministry or to seek formal theological training. He made it clear in a visitation when I was only 3 years a Christian and a teenager that He would teach me in the School of The Holy Spirit. Over the years I have seen some of my school mates and other Christians of my generation enter into ministry and some have become international ministries. But for me, He required obedient learning and watching for the right time to be released.

During this period of time The Holy Spirit has been revealing to me from the Scriptures the End Time Elijah message. This message which draws directly from His inspired Word will change the very understanding of the process of Salvation, the significance of the Baptism in The Holy Spirit, The ministry of The Holy Spirit, How the Lasting Revival of the end time will start and will be sustained. The preparation of the Bride for the Return of The Bridegroom.

Well, the time has come to share these revelations with The Church as The Holy Spirit has instructed. This is a message for all churches of all denominations who are willing to hear what The Holy Spirit is saying to The Church at this time.

The website has all the information. It is free as The Holy Spirit Wills His Word to be free so that anyone anywhere can access it.


No Copyright for my materials

All the material presented here, except for those quoted and referenced, are copyright free.  For all quoted materials the copyright by the relevant authors should be respected.


God Bless you as you read it prayerfully.

If you are a leader then you must run with it first and foremost to The Holy Spirit, NOT to a church committee, Board, or Eldership. Pray until The Holy Spirit inspires you before sharing it with your leadership team who must each seek The Holy Spirit for themselves. If you dare to ignore The Holy Spirit as individuals or a team then you are guaranteed to fail.

This is His doing and He must direct this strategy from start to finish. You cannot employ Him as consultant, observer, or slave to be called upon whenever or wherever you need something. It is going to hurt those of you who are so self sufficient in solutions delivery and organisational skills.  He is going to mess your style, big time!  He is ONLY focussed on God getting ALL the Glory and people repenting, getting saved, filled with The Holy Spirit, healed, delivered from satanic oppression and living lives consistent with a Holy God.

Stephen Odonga


Our Mission

  1. To return The Church back to The Holy Spirit through the prophetic ministry. The Holy Spirit MUST be made Lord and Head of the Church on earth in this dispensation
  2. To prophetically preach the Gospel into all the world. Our mission is reach a Billion Souls for Christ in our life time
  1. To prophetically teach the Will of God for The Body of Christ today
  1. To declare what The Holy Spirit is prophesying regarding current and future events that will affect nations, and the Body of Christ.


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How The Holy Spirit sees the state of the Church today

 1.      Job 40 and 41 – The Holy Spirit interprets these two chapters for the Church today as follows:

 The Church has become arrogant and thinks she is capable of fighting and defeating Satan (Behemoth and Leviathan) on her own. She is relying on her religious and intellectual skills to overcome Satan.  This kind of thinking makes the Church believe falsely that she is equal with God. In reality she has found out and will continue to find out how weak and incapable she is without the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit warns the Church that Satan “Looks all mighty in the face; he is monarch over all the sons of pride” Job 41:34 (NKJV). Unless the Church humbles herself and accepts The Holy Spirit’s Lordship over the Church she will never be able to effectively overcome Satan.

 2.      Psalm 122 – The Holy Spirit reveals the parallel between the physical Jerusalem and the physical Church structures such as chapels, monasteries, worship centres, and cathedrals. The Lord God’s Presence was not in the buildings of Jerusalem in the Old Testament, but rather in the Temple where the Ark of the Covenant resided. This is also true of the Church where the Lord God does not live in the Church structures but rather in the believers who are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

 The Holy Spirit also reveals that just as Christians must pray for the peace of the physical Jerusalem and for Israel, in general, for the sake of His promises to the fathers of the faith and; as a sign to us believers of the New Covenant that He is a faithful God throughout all generations, so also must we pray for the peace of the Church throughout the earth.  This will fulfill Christ’s prayer that we might be one even as He, Jesus, is One with The Father and The Holy Spirit. Peace within the Church will mean unity across denominations not based on an ecumenical human structure but rather based on:

I.                     Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour,

II.                   The Baptism in The Holy Spirit in fulfillment of Christ’s promise,

III.                  The Lordship of the Holy Spirit over the Church during this New Testament dispensation. It will lead to lasting revivals (in all denominations), righteousness, and a Church ready for the return of The Lord Jesus Christ.

IV.               A genuine love by all Christians of all denominations for each other

 Vision Statement

The Holy Spirit's message:

  1. The Holy Spirit must be made Lord and Head of the Church on earth in this dispensation

  2.   The Holy Spirit does not see denominations He sees the Body of the Bride of Christ

  3.  The Holy Spirit will powerfully, through obedient Christians, make the Bride of Christ ready for His Return

  4.  The Holy Spirit is Revival to all churches of all denominations.

  5. The Holy Spirit wants to use the local church leaders to spearhead the last days global revival

  6. The Holy Spirit wants the revival to begin and continue in the local church and related communities around the local church


The Enablers to fulfill the Vision

1.      The Prophetic ministry anointed to bring revival

2.      Intercessory teams that provide 24/7 support

3.      Ministry team who share the vision statement and goal

4.      Support from the local churches in all denominations

5.      Support from other non-church based Christian ministries

Published 2006


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