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Dream Date 1 February 2010 - Massive Revival coming Australia

In the dream I was at someone’s home attending a Church fellowship group meeting in a large lounge room which had large windows.  We were standing in a circle as I stood facing the window. 

Suddenly, within the dream I began to see an open vision of an ocean with waves roaring. The roaring of the waves changed into the noise of  massive voices of multitudes in beautiful giving of thanks and worship looking up towards Heaven with arms raised and proclaiming the goodness and loving kindness of God Almighty proclaiming, “For in a city of 5 million people stadiums will be filled with people in Spiritual Revival”. As they proclaimed this I could see in the distance to my right a night time Sydney skyline scene with a Stadium filled to capacity under bright stadium lights caught up in Spiritual Revival then the open vision stopped, but I was still in the dream.

Still shocked while in the dream at what I had seen and heard, I looked around at the other people in the room and asked if anyone had seen or heard what I had just heard, but they had not seen or heard anything. A voice then suggested I should write down the dream share the good news with the church. A Christian lady at the meeting, whom in the vision I knew to have the same name as one of my sister’s, immediately got a pen and paper and sat down to record the vision and the dream ended. Note: In reality, I could not remember meeting a person with that name in our church.

On the 12 February 2010, my family attended a Home-group fellowship at a location we had never been to before. We had to use a map to get to it. When we arrived at the home and I entered the meeting room, I noticed that it was exactly the place I had seen in the dream nearly two weeks earlier. Moreover, the Christian lady whom I had seen sit down to record the vision in the dream, was actually physically there in the meeting and she had the same name as one of my sisters!!

Possible Interpretation

There is a massive revival to arrive in Sydney with a population of 5 million will experience its full power.

The Ocean or sea, in the Bible, also symbolises large numbers of people (as in a sea of people). These people are Christians across the nation worshiping and giving thanks for the Spiritual Revival that has been unleashed. Christians in Australia have been praying for decades for something of this scale and magnitude and now it is on its way.

The Holy Spirit gave two significant witnesses to confirm according to Biblical principles that this event will occur. Firstly, I was shown an actual physical location where an actual meeting would take place before I saw it in the natural. Secondly, I also saw a Christian lady whose professional work involves taking details and recording in the natural and her name was exactly the same as one of my sister’s name.


Dream Date probably sometime in mid-August 2007: Australia won the bid to host for Soccer World cup

 In the dream, I saw people representing Australia rejoicing that Australia had won the bid to host Soccer World Cup. The bid referred to 2012. The dream was very real. It seemed that this achievement was very significant for the country.

When I woke up and reflected on the dream, I was confused because there were no bids being discussed publicly. I had no knowledge of any discussions nor did I even think there was going to be such a thing happening.  I dismissed the dream as possibly fanciful given that there was no media or anyone to my knowledge was even talking about such an event. Moreover, South Africa is set to host the games in 2010 and Brazil in 2014.

 Possible Interpretation

 In the news, 30/10/2007, it was revealed that the FIFA has decided to throw open the bid for the 2018 and 2022 Soccer world cup.  Moreover, Australia has decided to make a bid for this event.  It may therefore be that the winner of the bid which will be announced in 2012 or there will be changes to the location of the world cup due to unforeseen events and Australia will be declared the winner.




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