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Dream Date 30 July 2005 – A Political move against evangelists can only be overcome by The Power of the Name of Jesus

 It was in technicolour and sound.  I found myself at a mass rally or crusade in a stadium.  The rally was organised by a young American preacher or a group of young Americans as an outreach in South America.  Suddenly from where I was watching, I saw a parade of women dancers dressed in traditional ceremony clothing of yellow shin length dress with floral patterns on the arms and bottom of the skirts. They also had yellow hats.  They were in two rows dancing and turning from left and then right as they moved along singing traditional songs. They entered into the rally from my right hand direction and danced and sang going to the left-hand side.  I knew in the dream that this was an obvious demonic interruption to the crusade.  For a moment everyone seemed to be shocked and amazed at this parade and was totally distracted by them.  I became angry at this interruption and started to call upon the Name of The Lord in intercession at the top of my voice, shouting  “JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!”  As I kept saying that I could hear the rest of the crowd and the ministry team joining in calling out so loudly in intercessory prayer, “JESUS! JESUS! JESUS”.  I then looked at this dancing procession and saw that they were thrown into confusion and began to scatter, as the power of Satan was broken.  Then the dream ended.

 Update:  24 January 2006

I was watching the News about the installation of the new Marxist Bolivian President, the first ever Indigenous South American Indian to head the government.  The video clip showed two rows of traditionally dressed Bolivian women dancing.  I was amazed that it was like deja vous.  It was the exact same type of women I had seen in the dream in dress style and moreover their dancing was exactly what I saw in the dream.

 Possible Interpretation

The Holy Spirit is warning that the installation of the new Marxist Bolivian government will mean that there will be a new move towards traditional Bolivian culture.  Note: The installation of the Marxist government is a move from the right side of politics to the left as represented by the dancing women entering the stadium.  There will be repercussions against Christianity especially crusades and outreaches in Bolivia.  Christianity is seen as a threat to the traditional Bolivia culture and there will be moves to curb the activities of Evangelists who predominantly come from the USA. The only way this move can be stopped is by intercessory prayer in the name of JESUS for the nation. God will then intervene to ensure that the Gospel is not hindered by political pressures based on aggressive promotion of traditional Bolivian cultural values.

Important Note:  
The prophetic ministry is not at the whim or will of the prophetic person.  The revelations are at the Sole discretion of The Holy Spirit.  The prophet must be true to what is received so that God's name is not blasphemed. For this reason, what is given above is what I have received. I cannot add to it or take away from it.  But I do accept that sometimes my attempts to describe what I saw may be limited by my grasp of the English language.  This was the same problem the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John had.


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Published 2006

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