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The goals of this website are:

1. To change the very understanding of the New Birth

2. To change the very understanding of why ALL Born-again Christians must be filled with The Holy Spirit

3. To change the very understanding of the reason why the focus of the Christians relationship is with The Holy Spirit during this dispensation

4. To change the very understanding of how The Lord God is going to achieve the last great revival before the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ

5. To show how a Born-Again Christian's deep intimacy with The Holy Spirit is the only true way to achieve the true and pure love for The Lord Jesus Christ that The Holy Spirit will lift Him high so that all who believe on Christ may be saved indeed.

6. To contribute towards the understanding of the ministry of the New Testament Prophet

7. Teach Christians how to grow and become spiritually effective in their Christian life as well as fulfill their divine purpose

8. Engage Christians in the ultimate goal which is the salvation of a Billion people through a global move of God on a Supernatural scale under the direct Leadership of The Holy Spirit.


Published 2005


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