God's amazing generosity to humanity

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God's amazing generosity to humanity Prophets Connections Connecting with all News

Who God is, was and always will be

Why create humans in God image?

1.     Able to live for eternity, just like God Himself

2.     To be in God image means sharing in His eternal existence. To be able to share in enjoyment and the challenges in a very personal way all the dreams, the ideas and all the created things without time limits.

3.     Able to create things out of nothing.

         Note: There are no reference in Scripture that indicate that the Heavenly beings, Angels & Satanic beings have this unique ability.

4.     Why God created the Physical Universe?

5.     A truly free will to do good and evil

6.     Why there is unlikely to be any other living organism like humanity in the physical universe?


7.     Ability to solve problems through creative imagination in combination with physical endeavours Angelic & satanic beings cannot.

          Note: The Scriptures do not at any time show Angelic beings suggesting creative solutions to problems. They are always sent by God to solve a problem with the solution provided by God.

Why humans are different/greater than Angelic & Heavenly beings including Satanic beings


Why all innovative/creative ideas both for good and evil come from humanity.

How satanic forces us humanities lusts, emotions, and motivations to direct their creativity for evil.

Satanic forces cannot hear a human's thoughts (unless the person is demon possessed)

What was the purpose of God meeting Adam & Eve in the cool of the evening?

How this shows faith at work?


The original plan for human beings


God can do anything - Why the Lord Jesus said He proceeded forth from God and is one with The Father and The Holy Spirit but was NOT created.

With man having sinned and no hope of any other way of redemption, why The Lord Jesus is the only way left for salvation.


What is true worship? - not flattery, but just an honest, truthfully informed acknowledgement of Who God is and what He is doing.


Why will God create a new Heaven and a new earth?


What will the Saints do throughout eternity?