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The Holy Spirit Led Church Model



The models of churches since the time of the Apostles bring to mind a gathering of fifty or more people under local church leadership.  The trend nowadays is for church growth that have thousands attending meetings in any one sitting accompanied by multiple services on weekends.  While on the surface this a great encouragement that at last across the world the expansion of the Christian faith is beginning to counter a century long trend towards decline.  This trend however is misleading because it ignores important fundamental church structures that The Holy Spirit established when He came on earth to take charge at Pentecost.  For this reason, these successes being experienced by the modern churches will inevitably fail and become like the frequently referred to as "dead" traditional churches. To avoid this predictable path these modern churches must look at the Scriptures and also seek The Holy Spirit for guidance on what the correct model should be.  Below is the basic framework church model as described in the Scriptures under the deliberate inspiration of The Holy Spirit.


Establishing the First Church Structures

In the web page: The Church Foundations  are explained in detail. When you combine this with the webpage: The Holy Spirit's Reign it becomes very clear that the Key to success and church longevity is the way The Holy Spirit, as The Only Representative of The Divine GodHead here on earth, is being treated by the local church.  Church structures that are established, even with good intentions by Christians but, without close conformity to models set by The Holy Spirit are doomed to eventual spiritual death by "a thousand cuts of traditions", that is, the leaders consistent response is "this is the way we in our church and/or denominations do worship, prayer, preaching, etc."

What are the Features of the Jerusalem Church setup by the Apostles?

1. Church hierachy

2. Regular meetings

3. Ministry to the needy


4. Ministry to Jews only

5.Mighty signs and wonders

6. Baptism in The Holy Spirit


Why this was a failed model?


What was The Holy Spirit's response to the failed model?




The New Church structure developed by The Holy Spirit



Church structures in Persecuted regions of the world


Recognised strength of fast growing modern churches



What The Holy Spirit wants of the model Church He controls






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