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Dream Date: 17 Sept 2005 A wind of destruction as a sign of the end times

 It was in colour and sound. I saw a tremendous destructive wind that swept through the Middle East area surrounding Israel this was an aerial view. Each nation was represented by their national flag. The destructive winds started from the area around Iraq and Iran sweeping in a clockwise direction southwards through the Saudi Arabian peninsula including the nations in that area and then towards the west to Syria but Israel was not affected. There was destruction all around the flags of those countries as the countries were destroyed their flags disappeared, but the flag of Israel remained untouched and spread out like a stiff board showing no damage at all. Interestingly, the flag was of a deep blue colour with 12 white stars.

Then the scene changed. I observed various prominent Christian leaders of major denominations declaring prophetically that these were signs of the end times. Note: I did not recognise any particular leader but was shown them stating that these were the signs of the end times. Then the dream ended.

Update February 2011 - Could current political events be  start of the fulfillment of the dream?

First Afghanistan, then Iraq in 2001, then 10 years later, Tunisia, Egypt,......


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