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Below is some background as to how I have come to be receiving more regularly the prophecies. It would answer the obvious question in the readers mind" "How did it start to happen so consistently?"

If you have already read my testimony web page you will recognise that I have been receiving prophetic revelation for a long time.  Being ignorant of the direction The Lord was leading me while in training as well as a lack of knowledge about the prophetic ministries, I have overlooked many revelations over the years.  Those who were and are close to me especially, my wife, can testify to the regularity of these events.  I will share some of the important ones as part of my testimony update in the future.

The most important turning point for me moving into the prophetic starts on when I heard the Still Small Voice.

Still Small Voice date: 15 May 2005

From Friday, 13 May 2005, I began to sense The Holy Spirit telling me something about ministry. There was a hunger to go into ministry. However, I knew from past experience that desire does not necessarily equate to the right timing for obedience. The Holy Spirit must speak clearly about the timing before one can take appropriate action. I was also wondering how much longer before I finally got the call given that my 33rd birthday as a Christian was on the 17th May 2005. That to me seemed as long as the life of The Lord Jesus Christ here in ministry. I had gotten used to being disappointed at not getting any call from The Holy Spirit year after year. However, from that Friday I was continually thinking about the prospect longer than I would normally.

On Sunday morning during the 10.45am service, a Still Small Voice on the inside of my spirit spoke to me while the Senior Pastor, Brian Houston was preaching. He said "Give me a chance to prove to you what I can do through you". I knew at that very moment that it was the call I had been waiting for 33 years! There was joy in my spirit in hearing that invitation. In fact, I felt deeply that The Holy Spirit should not have asked me to give Him a chance but more rightfully have commanded me to get ready for the ministry. I was very touched by such a humble request from Someone, I so deeply love and worship as My Lord, Saviour and God. It wasn't that He was begging me to give Him a chance because I have been waiting for 33 years for His call. Rather, He chose to use the same way He first invited me to become a Christian. At that time He had been drawing me powerfully through the preaching of the Gospel. He had then spoken to me in that same Still Small Voice saying "Why don't you give this salvation invitation a chance. You have nothing to lose. You can see that the Gospel message you have heard and understood all make sense."  I accepted that offer 33 years ago and I certainly accept it now.

The next most obvious question in my mind was "What kind of ministry was I called into?"  I began a period of prayer and fasting seeking The Holy Spirit to clarify this for me. While meditating, The Still Small Voice of The Holy Spirit started to explained to me by opening my understanding to my many experiences over the past 33 years.  It reminds me of the experience of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus whom Jesus explained the scriptures to regarding the coming Messiah, His death and resurrection.  The scripture says then their eyes were opened when He broke bread as happened at the Last Supper and they recognised that it was The Lord Jesus Himself speaking to them.

The Holy Spirit gave me flashbacks of various dreams, visions, and prophetic utterances, supernatural knowledge over my entire Christian life that clearly testified of the His prophetic anointing.  Although I was ignorant of the prophetic call, because I just considered it as part of my normal Christian experience.  I knew it was not normal for everybody, but having been in Pentecostal circles for most of my life, I knew that Christians experienced giftings in varying degrees so I did not think it made me special.  All it did was to testify that I had a meaningful, active Christian life in The Holy Spirit.

The experience of opening my eyes was however not sufficient.  I reckoned that if I was called into the prophetic ministry than it meant that I should receive prophetic revelation on a more consistent basis as opposed to having a gift of prophesy.  I asked The Holy Spirit to prove to me that He had indeed called me into the prophetic ministry and what was going through my mind was really from Him rather than some euphoric experience not base on fact. 

The Holy Spirit did not waste any time.  The first lot of dreams I received almost every night were dealing with aspects of my life that I needed to get right. This was a fantastic demonstration of the Scriptural principles where judgement begins in the house of God. In this case it was me, the temple of The Holy Spirit. Repentance as well as recognition of attitudes, and responsibilities that come with the office confronted me.   I also received dreams regarding issues within family members or Christian friends I have known in the past. One was even to a highly respected Church leader of a major denomination regarding attempt by an influential leader within the denomination to create a split. God had revealed that this attempt would fail under the effective Godly leadership of this denominational leader. To those I could contact, I was able to share with them to their blessing because it demonstrated that God loved them and was willing to get someone to contact them "out of the blue". Through these dreams The Holy Spirit also warned me about future attack by critics of the ministry. He informed that many people before me had succumbed to the critics and had become fence sitters.

Then one day The Holy Spirit gave me a taste of being a prophet to the nations. It was the most astounding revelation for which I could only intercede but did not fully understand what it meant until after the event of the London bombing.  This was 3 months after I had started to receive revelations regularly , mostly by dreams.  The Holy Spirit has spoken audibly to me that I will start to see visions regularly when I start going into all the world in ministry.  I remember sharing this dream with my wife, Kerry, and she laughed at me making the realistic comment to which I sort of agreed.  "You are having delusions of grandeur".  We had both missed the meaning of the dream completely. It seemed that I was in the company of Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister....yeah, right! fat chance! However, within my spirit I felt that this dream was not about me meeting the Prime Minister but rather a terrorist event.  As you will see from my description below, it was not completely clear to me what that event was.  To make matters worse, my lack of experience in interpretation of symbols in dreams complicated things, but the inward witness was sure.  Below is what I saw - go to England



South East Asia




Middle East





Caution Note:

 For each prophetic word, I have provided a possible interpretation. I know from experience that on some occasions my interpretations have been wrong because I have not recognised the symbols in the dream and used the literal meaning of the dreams.  However, the description of the dreams and visions are as accurate as I know how to describe them.  So I submit them recognising my fallibility in interpretation.


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Important Note:  
The prophetic ministry is not at the whim or will of the prophetic person.  The revelations are at the Sole discretion of The Holy Spirit.  The prophet must be true to what is received so that God's name is not blasphemed. For this reason, what is given above is what I have received. I cannot add to it or take away from it.  But I do accept that sometimes my attempts to describe what I saw may be limited by my grasp of the English language.  This was the same problem the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John had.


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Published 2005


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