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 Prophetic Administration deals with the issue of a scripturally based exercise of administering the prophetic anointing in The Church as well as in the secular world. The prophetic ministry is one of the earliest clearly identified ministries in the Bible beginning in the book of Genesis and ends the book of the Revelations. There is no other ministry that so clearly dominates the Bible than the prophetic and yet today the vast majority of churchgoers have an appalling understanding of how this ministry operated in biblical times, and virtually none on how it operates today. 

The Bible scholars, and theologians who have taught unbelief and humanism instead of faith in this area, shoulder this responsibility before the Lord. The Holy Spirit is raising up a prophetic Church that believes and acts like their God and Saviour - A prophetic Person. 

 As the prophetic ministry is being restored to The Church, there has been a surge in opposition to it for three major reasons:

 1) The first reason is the widely taught unscriptural theology by people with unbelieving hearts and darkened minds lacking spiritual insight, that the times of the prophets are long gone.  They teach that prophets were only necessary in the development of events leading to the coming of the Messiah/Christ and the establishment of the church and the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit, by restoring the prophetic office to The Church world-wide, is in the process of proving to these people that their cherished theologies are the doctrines of demons. 

2) Secondly, The Holy Spirit has been able to directly speak to people in such a personal way that they have suddenly found that they can no longer hide behind masks. This has made many in The Church feel intensely vulnerable because their status in the local church and community could be permanently destroyed. It is the pre-occupation of the truly prophetic to zero in on personal holiness and true devotion to the Lord Jesus. This was the case in the Bible and still is today.

 Many church leaders are being challenged by the prophetic in all areas of ministry. Their sacred cows are being exposed as being just that: Idols - that need to be burned and the ashes thrown afar off. The Holy Spirit through the prophetic is showing church leaders today those traditions they hold so dear, like the Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus' day. These traditions have kept the leaders from entering into the Spiritual blessings promised in Christ to The Church and have also made them a hindrance to those who would enter.

 3) The appalling level of ignorance regarding this vital ministry even by those who have the anointing has resulted in many destructive occurrences of false prophecies and/or badly applied true prophecies. With no real wisdom and knowledge how to discern and judge the prophetic by the majority of church leadership, they have abandoned their congregation into the hands of “prophetic wolves". These so called prophets driven by dominating evil spirits have wreaked havoc to their churches - destroying precious lives, splitting families, ruining careers and ministries while the leaders claiming 'humility' because they are not prophetic sat and watched bewildered!

 With the damage done, the leaders belatedly realised that God had in fact given them the mantle of shepherds and that they had failed their duty.   Their solution has been, in some cases, vehement opposition to anything prophetic and once again failing as Spiritual leaders because they have been grieving the Holy Spirit who still wants to use the prophetic.

 It is with this in mind that this teaching manual on the proper administration of the prophetic has been designed. Attempt has been made to cover important issues relating to prophets - leadership relationships in the local church as well as the role of the congregation in ensuring that the right order of authority structure is developed and maintained as the prophetic ministry comes to the fore.


The Focus of the Manual

 While this teaching manual is primarily focussed on the prophetic gift, it should be clearly understood at the outset that it is but one of nine gifts listed in I Cor. 12, and should not be considered to be apart from the others.  Rather, it is an integral part of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are given for the common good of the body of Christ - The Church. By the same token, no one having the prophetic gift should ever think himself or herself as being in a special select club because in the New Testament there are no such distinctions made, apart from the offices and gifts, because all are part of  the ONE BODY (I Cor. 12:11-27).

 The emphasis of this teaching manual is on the practical side because so much damage has occurred to those who have been at the receiving end of the prophetic. Without a doubt the primary cause of this has been the persistent shallowness of knowledge on the subject in all areas. In particular, there has been very little emphasis on ensuring that the foundations of the prophetic ministry were properly laid. The Holy Spirit has in recent years begun to inspire more leaders and prophetically gifted people to teach and write books so as to fill this gap. Much of the material that has been used in this manual are from a host of varied teaching audio tapes, videos, books and seminar notes and personal experiences over many years as a Spirit-filled Christian.

 Those in leadership MUST consider it a matter of real urgency to teach with considerable depth the prophetic ministry in their local assembly.  To adopt an indifferent/ apathetic attitude or vehement opposition to this ministry will result in unnecessary strife, and one will in the end be found to be fighting the Holy Spirit to one's own hurt.

 The manual is divided into two parts. The first part is the ‘BEGINNERS’ section. It aims to primarily educate those who have recently become interested in the prophetic ministry for a multitude of reasons. These include: being called to the office of a Prophet; those who just started receiving Divine revelation of a prophetic nature; those who want to understand the Spiritual gifts in general as well as church leaders who are uncertain as to how to administer the prophetic in their local assembly.

 The second part, ADVANCED, deals with the various types of revelations that can be classed as prophetic and the appropriate techniques for interpreting and applying them. There is also a final section that covers broader areas of the prophetic ministry applied to church activities in general such as: what is prophetic evangelism, prophetic prayer, prophetic counselling, and so on.

 At the end of each chapter there are several discussion questions that are likely to help address issues not covered in the text, but are important to the students. The lecturer is well advised to prepare answers to these questions prior to the lecture and where possible address some as part of the lecture. Alternatively, they could be assignments for students to attempt before the next lecture where they will be answered at the lecturer's discretion.


A special thanks to Pastor Tony and his wife Robyn for their support and encouragement which has been instrumental in the development of this manual.  Their commitment to ensuring that their local assembly is a vessel for restoring all the Spiritual offices and gifts will, with the sure blessing of the Holy Spirit, lead to the glory of Jesus Christ, the soon coming King.

A special tribute to the Metro-Vineyard Fellowship (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) for their pioneering work in the prophetic ministry. Their faithfulness, in the face challenges from many Christian circles, has provided substantial material from which much of this manual has been developed. A reference listing of sources is on webpage - propheticadmin11.htm

Also to Richard Chang for his valuable assistance in providing some important materials and general consultations, and together with Michael Healey for their continuing prayerful support. Indeed we have successfully waged many a fierce (and spiritually bloody) warfare in the heavenly places pulling down strongholds that exalt themselves against the knowledge of the Son of God.


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Chapter 1


 The Essentials

Chapter 2

bullet Spiritual  Gifts - An Outline

Chapter 3


Fruits Of The (human) spirit - An Outline

Chapter 4

bullet The Heart of The Prophetic

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Chapter 5

bullet Prophets and Prophecy 

Prophetic Admin 03 <= Click

Chapter 6

bullet Restoration of the Prophetic Office

Chapter 7

bullet Ferreting Out the Prophets in Your Church

Prophetic Admin 04 <= Click

Chapter 8

bullet  Insecure Pastors Dealing With Rejected Prophets

Prophetic Admin 05 <= Click

Chapter 9

bullet Leadership and New Wineskins

Chapter 10

bullet Supernatural Governmental Church

Prophetic Admin 06 <= Click

Chapter 11

bullet Revelations

Chapter 12

bullet An Inward Witness

Chapter 13

bullet Dreams

Chapter 14


Reasons For Variations In The Clarity Of Revelations

Prophetic Admin 07 <= Click

Chapter 15

bullet Interpretation

Chapter 16

bullet Application of the Symbols and Types to Revelations

Chapter 17

bullet Discernment Of The Source Of The Revelations

Prophetic Admin 08 <= Click

Chapter 18


Personal Application 

Chapter 19

bullet Corporate Application

Chapter 20

bullet Extra-Church Application

Prophetic Admin 09 <= Click

Chapter 21

bullet Prophets and Worship

Chapter 22


Prophets and Prayer

Chapter 23


Prophets and Evangelism / Preaching

Chapter 24


 Prophets and Teaching

Chapter 25


 Prophets and Counselling

Chapter 26


Prophets and Church Planning

Chapter 27

bullet Prophetic Schools / Workshops

Prophetic Admin 10 <= Click

bullet Passing On The Mantle or Spiritual Office

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Published 2005

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