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 These helpful references are for people who are interested in the prophetic ministry and understanding what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches.


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 Goll, Jim  

  1. The Ministry of Fasting (series) (1990)
  2. Discerning of spirits (series) (1990)

Jackson, J.P.  

  1. Responding to the prophetic call (1990)
  2. The Jezebel spirit (1990)

Joyner, R.  

  1. The Restoration of all things (1990)
  2. The Vision of the Harvest (1989)

Mira, G. 

  1. Spiritual sensitivity (1990)
  2. Bitter or better through suffering (1990)

Mira,G. & Parker, D.  

  1. Preparations and the characteristics of revival (1990)

Parker, D.  

  1. Testing the spirits (1990)
  2. Pruning of the Lord (1990)

Ravenhill, D. 

  1. New Leaders for a new purpose (1990)

Sullivant, M. 

  1. Overcoming the fear of man (1990)

Sullivant, M / Jackson, J.P. 

  1. Prophetic Administration (series) (1990)


Bickle, M & Cain, P. - The life testimony of Paul Cain, interview by Mike Bickle

Vineyard Ministries International P.O. Box 65004, Anaheim, CA 92805



Cain, Paul. 

  1. November 1988 (series)
  2. A lifestyle that brings glory to God (1990)
  3. The power of God to heal (1990)
  4. Power, purity and the prophetic (series) (1990)

 Bickle, M

1.      The School for Intercessors (Series) (1989)

2.      Principles of Spiritual maturity (series) (1989)

3.      Discerning the religious spirit (series) (1990)

4.      Preparation of new wineskins

 5.      Bickle, M., Cain, P., Jones, B., Jackson, J.P.  -  Prophecy (Vol. 2, series)

 6.      Holiness unto the Lord conference (Sydney) series (1991) speakers include:

         Paul Cain

         John Wimber 

         Jack Deere 

         John White 

Roberts Liardon Ministries: P.O. Box 12630, San Diego, CA 92112-3630, USA


1.      Reformers and Revivalists (1991).

2.      The Prophet's Office (Series) 

3.      Building your ark in the spirit  

4.      Rivers of Living waters  - by Gladoylene Moore 

5.      Spiritual Strength (Series) 

6.      Protecting the anointing 

7.      Personality of the Holy Spirit (series) 

8.      School of the Spirit (series) 


1.      God's explosive weapons (1989) 

2.      Confronting the brazen heavens 

3.      God's Generals - Healing Evangelists (series) (1988) 

4.      The Roaring '90s (1989) 


Goddard, Mary.-      The prophetic ministry (series) 

Prophets' convention (Meroo, Sydney) series (1991) speakers include: 

        Kindah Greening 

        Gordon Gibbs 

        Steve Penny 

Novell Hayes, The power of Visions (Video)


Published 2005


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