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Vision Date 23 November 2005 Revival to start in Lock Ness area in Scotland

 I was traveling in the bus and had my eyes closed. I saw a vision in colour. I saw a map which had a number of lakes on it. 
A hand appeared on the map and pointed with what appeared like a pen. 
I then heard an audible voice say the words: "Revival" followed by "Lochness". Then the vision ended. 
I opened my eyes initially surprised given that I was not expecting to see any vision let alone something about Lochness. 
Scotland not in my mind at the time, and certainly not Lochness.
 On reflection I soon realised that Lochness is in Scotland. I later checked on a map of Scotland and discovered that 
Lochness area includes a number of lakes, something I was not aware of until then. 

Possible Interpretation

 This means that a Revival is going to start in Scotland in the Lochness area.
Your feedback Please:
If you know more about Lochness area and what intercessory prayers in Churches are going on 
please let me know on 
 I have almost no knowledge of Scotland so this vision is totally "left field" for me.  
However, maybe there is someone, some church or fellowship group who need to know that 
The Holy Spirit is about to do something wonderful in answer to their prayers.

Fulfilment:  Not Yet


Important Note:  
The prophetic ministry is not at the whim or will of the prophetic person.  The revelations are at the Sole discretion of The Holy Spirit.  The prophet must be true to what is received so that God's name is not blasphemed. For this reason, what is given above is what I have received. I cannot add to it or take away from it.  But I do accept that sometimes my attempts to describe what I saw may be limited by my grasp of the English language.  This was the same problem the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John had.


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Published 2005



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