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Dream Date: 23 July 2005 – A Tsunami warning

It was in colour and sound.  It was a clear day, I found myself standing in a street in a South East Asian country where buildings were made mostly of timber, and some were made of bricks.  It was a developing country.  On the far left distance at least 5-10 km “as the crow flies” to my left I could see the Ocean and the beaches. The gradient of the land was sloping upwards from the beach and I was standing about halfway between the beach and the top of the hill.  As I looked around, suddenly I could here someone shouting that there was a massive wave coming.  This was the size of a Tsunami.  As the person shouted out, a massive wave washed up the hill washing over all the buildings on the left side of this Seaside City or town. The waves swept uphill carrying everything with it.  I found myself being taken by what was the wave up to near the top of the hill.  There was a large building that was made like a warehouse/ shopping centre. I could see all around were some Asian people engaged in trade.  There was an air of panic all around as people were trying to flee to safety up the hill and inland where it was mountainous. Then I woke up briefly. And then went back to sleep. 

 I found myself at the top of the hill.  I looked inland at the mountains and valleys and saw lines of people carrying their belongings and heading inland along dirt tracks.  Along the roadside, people were selling foodstuffs. I noticed the poverty of the people and that they were of South East Asian in appearance.

 Possible Interpretations: 

This is a warning dream of a natural disaster that is going to occur in one of the Asian nations.

 Dream Date: 23 July 2005 – Some Asian Church Leaders will turn their backs on God

 I was confused about the dream but felt that I had not seen the end of it.  I got up and went to the bathroom. As I came back to bed I asked the Holy Spirit to complete this dream because I was sure it was not complete.  The dream continued.

 It was daytime, in technicolour and sound.  I found myself standing in a street in some Asian city.  Talking to me was an elderly woman of Asia origin.  She was a spouse of a former Asian (I just knew that she was Chinese in the dream) Christian or secular leader who has been dead for sometime.  She was blaming God for the Tsunami disaster.  As she spoke I looked around and noticed that the seaside landscape were similar to the town that had been hit by the Tsunami. The only difference was that there were hardly any houses. It was mostly rubble and brown dirty landscape along the ocean shore.  As she spoke she handed (more like dumped) over to me what appeared to be an Asian Bible.  She was turning her back on God. She seemed angry and disappointed as she turned and walked away.  I replied to her that God was not to blame.  I cannot remember the exact words I spoke, but I pleaded with her not to abandon her faith.  Then the dream ended.   

Possible Interpretations: 

The Holy Spirit is warning that some Asian Church leaders will blame God for the disaster and turn their backs on Him. The Churches around the world must be prepared to offer both spiritual and material support otherwise the effect on Christianity in Asia could be devastating.

Fulfilment:  Partial Fulfilment

Update: Week beginning 17 July 2006

An earthquake measuring 7.6 hit close to Indonesia causing a Tsunami with waves as high as 5 metres that has so far killed over 300 people with over 250 missing.  People have fled into the hills. This happened in the afternoon on a clear day just like in my dream. I believe the big one I saw is yet to occur.






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