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Strategies for spreading the prophetic message

The Holy Spirit has been impressing upon me for many years that He wants the message to be given freely so that even the poorest can receive.  The internet is the cheapest method of spreading the Word. Other media such are radio and television have substantial ongoing costs although they reach to those who have no computers but can afford a radio or television.

As this ministry is just starting I am using the internet to send the message to the Body of Christ freely without copyright restrictions so those who want to translate it to non-English languages can do so freely.

1.  Freely passing on the prophetic message to The Body of Christ

When The Lord Jesus first sent out His disciples two by two to preach the gospel He said "Freely you have received, freely give" (Matt 10:8)

The Prophetic message was given freely by The Holy Spirit through a chosen vessel so I am challenged and committed to pass this on to you freely. This means:

a)  All prophetic revelation given through me and through those who The Holy Spirit joins with me for sharing with The Body of Christ will be provided free on this website.

b). Audio and video recordings of prophetic teachings and preachings by me and those whom The Holy Spirit joins with me will be provided free on this website

2. Producing and publishing Online video feeds

The challenge to produce regular online video feeds of prophetic teaching and prophetic preaching to enable believers to download, watch receive the message freely.

3.  Live Netcast of the prophetic messages

The Holy Spirit permitting and resources allowing a live netcast for The Body of Christ to watch and receive the prophetic message freely.

How you can help

Financial assistance is welcomed in particular to acquire and maintain the video and live internet streaming equipment and ongoing costs associated with maintaining the website.

If you believe The Holy Spirit is speaking to you to assist this ministry then send your preliminary enquiries using the Email below. We will then get in touch with you and advise you how to proceed with sending the financial support. Do not provide financial information on this Email

Published 2006


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