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On 17 September 2005, I had a prophetic dream predicting a coming destructive wind that will blow through the Middle East but  Israel will remain standing. You can read the details on the Israel webpage. A very significant part of the dream was the presentation by The Holy Spirit of the flag of Israel.  When I saw it I knew it I was given supernatural recognition that it was Israel's flag. This flag was nothing like the current Israeli flag but it was the Divine Flag for Israel that God in His Sovereign Wisdom has constructed.  It was this awareness that made me identify which nation was being referred to as I looked at all the flags being displayed before me.  Clearly, this Divinely designed flag which so completely and so graphically reflects the very Personal Divine Relationship with Israel throughout her history as well as the deeply felt vision of the first establishment of her nationhood cannot be overlooked.

The flag I saw was a sky blue background with 12 white stars scattered on it.  I also noticed that the stars varied in sizes.  There was a single largest one with others slightly smaller to very small ones. The spread of the stars was not uniform like on the USA or European Union flags. Although scattered unevenly on the flag, nevertheless, this was done deliberately to represent each of the Tribes of Israel. The locations of the final settlements of each of the Tribes of Israel as they entered the Promised Land led by Joshua (Book of Joshua) is represented by the relative positional placement of each star on the flag.  The different sizes of the stars also represent the relative size of each of the Tribes at the exact time they were entering the Promised Land.

The Flag that The Living God showed me was based on the historical marker at the very point in history when the nation of Israel was being formed, setting of the foundation of nationhood. God fulfilled His vision to Joseph regarding the 12 Stars which also symbolised that the 12 sons of Jacob (Genesis 36:40) will each establish one of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  At the time of the crossing each tribe of Israel had a banner to identify them, these days this banner is represented on a single flag symbolising a single nation made up of 12 tribes

Implications of this revelation

1. The current star of David

While modern Israelites treasure this flag which links them back to their King David, nevertheless, the flag is not Scripturally correct. The nation of Israel was already in existence and had been so for many decades before King David came to power.  Importantly, King David represents only one tribe, the tribe of Judah.  Moreover, during the reign of King David as a result of God's judgment on his sin of adultery and murder the single kingdom of Israel was divided in two. The kingdom of Judah who remained faithful to David while the remaining tribes followed other Kings in rebellion under the kingdom of Israel. King David died leaving a divided family and nation.  Therefore, in spite of his incredible war victories and magnificent biblical writings he does not represent all the tribes of Israel from God's perspective.  All the tribes of Israel must be represented on a unifying national symbol so significant as the flag. God certainly thinks so, and will always view it that way. 

For this reason the current flag of Israel will need to change to reflect ALL12 Tribes of Israel symbolised by 12 Stars given as a revelation to Joseph.


2. The new flag of Israel

Why a sky blue background? - This is the background to which the stars are embedded. It is also symbolic of the direction to which Israel must look to, Heaven, for help from where God gave them the promise of nationhood first through Abraham when He symbolically compared the number of Abraham's descendants to the stars in the whole sky. It was again in the sky that God re-enforced His promise to Abraham  (Genesis 15:1-6) by showing to Joseph that the 12 brothers were the beginning of the nation of Israel. Even in their sojourn through the desert during the Exodus, God made them travel in groups according to the 12 tribes.  During the battles of conquest as they entered the Promised Land the armies were often grouped according to the 12 tribes.

The seeming random scatter of the white stars on the flag also signify the final land allocations of the tribes when they entered the Promised Land. The God Who brought the Israelites out of Egypt and allocated the lands also wanted this to by symbolised on the new flag of Israel

At the present time, God has not changed and therefore Israel must return to the place where they first started to take the Promised Land according to their 12 tribes. The flag must capture this momentous point in their history. At that exciting and victorious time, God went ahead of them in the Ark of the Covenant with Joshua as their greatest General of all time even more so than David. He was faithful throughout the battles and led Israel to establish her first ever homeland. During this period the 12 tribes of Israel fought as one nation. 

Why is it now that these tribes are missing from the most important of all symbols of unity, the national flag?

It would seem incomplete and likely impossible for Israel to be complete and to see the Mighty Hand of God on them as a nation until all the 12 Tribes are recognised on the flag and not only the tribe of Judah, great as King David was. God is being limited because the current flag expresses a permanent loss of all other tribes except Judah. God has always promised that a remnant from all the tribes will be saved throughout history and these will be gathered together.  The modern Israel must therefore take the Divine view that in spite of what Israel has gone through for over 2000 years, nevertheless, all the 12 tribes of Israel exist today and God wants them recognised in the national flag. God is able to reveal who the descendants of each of the tribes are today. The banner of the 12 Tribes must therefore rise and supersede the star of David.

I sincerely believe one day the flag of Israel will change to reflect the original 12 tribes of Israel just as the High Priest wore the Ephod with the 12 stones set in the breast plate on his chest when he went into the Holy of Holies to intercede for the nation of Israel. Each stone representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

I pray, may the leaders of Israel, today, see this serious short coming and return to the Lord God Who brought them out of bondage and gave them the Promised Land dividing it to each of the 12 tribes in fulfilment of His promises as a testimony to ALL nations that He is faithful to all His promises to those who obey and trust in Him.


Published 2006

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