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Dream Date: 29 July 2005 – Death of Dr John Garang

 It was in technicolour and sound.  I found myself in the courtyard of a large farmhouse somewhere in Uganda. I had come from a meeting and reunion with some close kinfolk not far away from this farm. It was an unfamiliar place to me but I felt that I knew the occupants as close friends. I went into the building briefly and then went out because I was going somewhere. I found myself walking along a footpath with tall grass close to the path and thick forest about 10 metres from the path.  I was on a very urgent mission to take light to another area some distance away.  The urgency was because there were dangerous thick dark clouds that were moving very fast coming over the entire area.  As I hurried along I looked ahead on the hillside about 5 kilometers and I could see that the foreboding clouds were very quickly covering the small patches of clear sky.  Then suddenly, almost immediately, the entire countryside was in pitch darkness and the only light was what I had.  This light was shinning out of my body and not a lamp.  I looked around surprised at how quickly the darkness had over taken me and was suddenly aware that I had to turn back and take the light to the farm where I had come from before the darkness overtook them also. Then the scene changed. 

 I found myself heading along the driveway towards the large farmhouse. The home was a large modern house.  (Note: This is a location I have never actually been to before in real life). There were farm implements around including a red tractor.  I went inside the home.  In what must have been either a very large living room or an internal courtyard where I stumbled upon a big debate going on.  There were family members and some community leaders.  The debate was about the plight of our tribe (Acholi).  Some people were lamenting that there was a conspiracy, by those in authority and/or influence, to wipe out the tribe.  They proposed strategies on what they should do to preserve the tribe including armed struggle. There was a strong personality elder who even advocated a protest mass suicide so the world would become sympathetic.  While he was presenting his strong argument I suddenly saw a thin red line on his throat and he fell down backwards dead to the shock of all around.  I was an observer up until this point. Then another moderate person immediately got involved arguing that the suicide strategy was entirely wrong and proposed an alternative approach.  I cannot remember what it was but not all agreed to it. The whole atmosphere was very heated as arguments flew from all directions.  Then the dream ended and I woke up.

 Possible Interpretation

 This was a prophecy of Dr Garang’s final hours before his death.  He felt he was the hope of his people and was in a hurry to take that hope to them.  He was going to meet close friends and kinfolk during the day.  Then he was to travel to a farmhouse where there was serious debate about the issues affecting the problems in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan.  However, suddenly he would die. What I saw were his actual thoughts and plans and the events that occurred from his perspective.

 Prophecy Fulfilled – 30 July 2005

The strong elder who died was a prophecy about Dr John Garang, leader of SPLA in Southern Sudan.  What I saw was the meeting that took place in Uganda at the country residence of Uganda’s President which included the President, Dr Garang, European Union ambassadors, US Ambassador to Uganda, and other political leaders.  On that same day, Dr Garang died in a helicopter crash.


Important Note:  
The prophetic ministry is not at the whim or will of the prophetic person.  The revelations are at the Sole discretion of The Holy Spirit.  The prophet must be true to what is received so that God's name is not blasphemed. For this reason, what is given above is what I have received. I cannot add to it or take away from it.  But I do accept that sometimes my attempts to describe what I saw may be limited by my grasp of the English language.  This was the same problem the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John had.


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Published 2005



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