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Dream Date: 13 February 2006 - Total Communications control over US residents will be achieved

 This dream was at night and everything looked black and white. The dream was regarding the efforts of the US government to access and control every type of communications among its residents. I saw a man who represented the federal government communications control. He was in front of a large white building which was the control centre in the US. Although I have never been to the US, nevertheless, in the dream it was obvious to me that I was standing in the US. The man speaking had an American accent and spoke with that typical American bureaucratic sense of confidence. He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He was confidently arguing while showing the complex equipment with which they are able to find out anything anyone was communicating because they have both terrestrial and satellite systems that could be used. I challenged him with how they would know if I used various communications devices and he would give me an answer. I do not remember the exact answers but he referred to the various equipment types in place to monitor the communications. The exact equipment details were not shown but the outcome was obvious. It was very unsettling to see that there were no loop holes for privacy to exist.  The only one available was communication in the spirit by The Holy Spirit to which he had no answer.


Possible Interpretation

 The US government is secretly building a total communications control infrastructure so that it will be impossible for anyone in the US to communicate anywhere without the government being able to track them down. The dream is prophesying that this will be achieved and Americans will lose their privacy. The only secure means left will be through the supernatural gift of The Holy Spirit. The darkness scenery of the dream means that these will be dark days for US residents with their total loss of communications freedom.

Partial fulfilment of the prophecy

In the week between 8 May -12 May 2006, revelations have emerged that Federal Authorities in the USA have been given telephone communication details on millions of residents without their notification. This has caused an uproar from Civil Liberties  groups, Privacy advocates and Legislators.  According to the dream the worst is yet to come

In the next Dream, it was also at night. I was in a country town in the US which I have never seen before but I knew it was. I was standing at the entrance to a subway train station. As I looked at the bulletin board I noticed that the town had just been connected by fiber optic cable. In fact, the trench where the cable ran had just been freshly filled in.  I also knew that the bulletin board was connected to the fiber optic cable and that it would be used to provide information to the public as part of the control of the public. As I stood there, I saw people coming and going to and fro as normal. Some were waiting for train information to be broadcast. Then the screen just above the entrance to the subway stairway lit up like a movie screen with an image of a person giving information to the public. I cannot remember the exact information but it was directional in nature. As I turned around to cross to the other side of the street I noticed that there were no street lights and that the traffic lights were not working. I was worried I might get knocked over because there was no means of controlling the traffic flow. It seemed to me, in my dream thoughts, that the weakness to the communications infrastructure was electricity supply. Then the dream ended.

Possible Interpretation

 The control of the entire USA will be achieved through the use of fiber optics in new applications that link up to public bulletin boards at major centres such as train stations, bus terminals, airports including all towns. The night time nature of the dream means that these will be dark days for USA residents. This second dream also emphasises the all encompassing nature of this communications control throughout the US so that even small country towns will not be exempt.

Importantly is that fact that the public in the dream seemed to be behaving as if everything was going on normally means either they were ignorant of what was going on or they willing accepted this loss of privacy as either a good thing or felt powerless to do anything about it.

 Note: The fact that the dream was shown twice and that additional details were given showing the pervasive nature of this control system means that it will surely come to pass. This is consistent with Biblical principles whenever God wanted to establish a matter, for example, Pharaoh's dreams interpreted by Joseph. Prayer will not stop this as The Holy Spirit is showing what is going to happen.


Dream Date Week beginning November 27, 2006 – Senator Barack Obama elected President of USA

 It was in colour and sound.  I saw “myself” at a function in the Whitehouse. "I" was sitting on the front row at the end. It was a position of considerable influence and privilege. It seemed that "I" was meant to be there as someone who was close to the President and knew him as a close friend. "I" felt comfortable sitting in the position.  A number of dignitaries to my right sat next to the President of the USA, Senator Barack Obama (African-American with Kenyan father and white American mother). He was seated in the middle of the front row with his wife to his left. In front of us was the main hall which was full of people who were there to listen to him speak, just as I have seen often on Television, whenever the President was addressing the international press in the White House hall. I knew within the dream that he was the President.  As "I" looked on, he turned to "me" and called my name, and "I" stood up and respectfully bowed and said, "Mr. President", in acknowledgement and then “I” sat down. Then the dream ended.

Possible Interpretation

Senator Obama will become the first ever African-American President. In the dream, "my presence" figuratively most likely represents some important individual in America who has an inside knowledge of how the events leading to election of Obama happened. From my vantage point in the dream and the fact that the President acknowledged "my presence” before dignitaries suggests that the individual I was representing was a close confidant to the President. This person is significant enough to Senator Obama giving him the right to be officially acknowledged at the White House before the American people.

The dream was towards the end of November which is timely because the US Presidential elections will be held in November 2008. By the end of that month the results of the elections would be known.

This dream occurred even before Senator Barack Obama has decided to stand for the Presidency. Most commentators are saying he is too inexperienced to enter the race or that America is still not ready for an African-American President of the USA.

First Published 2007


Comments added Feb 2008:

I have never been to the USA so this dream is left field for me, but it must be of global significance both in the natural as well as in the spiritual. Something tremendous will happen as a result of this historic event in the USA and during the reign of President Barack Obama. Christian's should be praying to find out what is going to happen and to be prepared. Christians should also be asking themselves and praying to find out why God is allowing this significant change to happen in America rather than opposing him simply because he is not a Republican candidate, or a conservative Christian. What is God actually on about??

I am reminded of David to whom God turned the hearts of the people so that he became exceedingly popular and opposed Saul whom He originally made King. This was because Saul abused his office and did not listen to Divine guidance. He was afraid of the people and obsessed with wanting to be popular. David on the other hand was rejected by the establishment and personally attacked by King Saul and hunted from one side of the country to the other because Saul was desperate for his son, Jonathan, to become King. This he did despite knowing that God had rejected him and his children from becoming King.

Footnote added Feb 2008:

In the 1992 US Federal elections in the latter part of the year when Bill Clinton was 20 points behind President George Bush Senior and most political commentators began assuming that Bill Clinton would lose, I had a vision while traveling on a bus minding my own business.  Totally unexpectedly and very left field for me it was.  While the vision was a message of encouragement for me regarding God's call for my life, He chose to use a current seeming impossible political scenario as proof positive evidence to me that His promise would come to pass.  A deep audible voice spoke the words, of which I will only quote a part of it- "As surely as Bill Clinton will become President of the United States of America...." I was understandably shocked and awed by the Divine message but very encouraged.  I knew then that the outcome of the US election would be an indisputable assurance that God's promise to me would come to pass even when the odds were against me.

At the time, I remember sharing the prophetic word to some close Christian friends who were made keenly aware of what was going to happen in America. The Church I attended, however, was very deeply opposed to Bill Clinton becoming President and had fervent intercessory prayer against him but to no avail. Like many die-hard conservative Christians who oppose the Democrats they would not even remotely consider the possibility that God may have a very different perspective on an individual with their flaws, on the one hand, and His Divine capacity to use them for His long term purposes despite themselves and their political parties’ manifestos.


Final Update added 6 November 2008:

Fulfillment of the prophecy on 4 November 2008: The fulfillment of the prophetic dream against seemly incredible odds shows that The Almighty Living God had set the date for change.  No amount of false prophecies even from among politicized Christians would change His mind. I have heard of false prophecies by some prominent politicized Christian leaders that the reign of President Obama would lead to the decline and destruction of the USA.

The dream, however, reveals the true nature of the Obama Presidency. President Obama will be an inclusive President and will sit down and talk to the people at their level. I have never ever seen on Television a US President sit down in the Whitehouse before the Press with his senior staff administration officials and accept a grilling from the media. It seemed in the dream that Obama was comfortable meeting with the press in this forum. He was prepared to spend a long time answering questions and seeking to remain connected through the media to the people.


Dream Date Late 2009 - Joe Biden will not campaign for second term as US Vice President

In the dream, President Obama, was no longer the darling of American politics. He was struggling to maintain popularity because of the many economic and political issues he is faced with.  People were beginning to openly question whether he would be re-elected for a second term. Also importantly, Joe Biden was no longer going to be his running mate as Vice President.  In fact, the most likely insiders possible as alternative candidates were not willing to become his running mate because they did not want to be associated with a losing President.  Instead, an outsider was selected to be Obama’s VP running mate for the 2012 elections. There was no indication as to the outcome of the elections in the dream.


Important Note:  
The prophetic ministry is not at the whim or will of the prophetic person.  The revelations are at the Sole discretion of The Holy Spirit.  The prophet must be true to what is received so that God's name is not blasphemed. For this reason, what is given above is what I have received. I cannot add to it or take away from it.  But I do accept that sometimes my attempts to describe what I saw may be limited by my grasp of the English language.  This was the same problem the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John had with written language.


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