Why a Billion Souls?

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About a month after The Holy Spirit spoke to me about His call for me to recognise that I was to exercise the Office of a prophet in the Body of Christ worldwide, I began to investigate how that might be brought to pass.  At the present time, I am a total unknown in this office. Although, I have been involved in my local church for many years and involved in leading a home fellowship, this year has been the first time I am moving into a prophet's ministry. My church does not have a structure for the prophet's office but are very well established in the Pastoral, Teaching and Evangelistic ministry offices.  At the present time, I do not sense it is my role to try to initiate such a change because that is entirely a matter for the Church eldership to receive the revelation of where The Holy Spirit is going regarding the office of the prophet.

I was therefore in a period of intensive intercessory prayer together with waiting upon The Holy Spirit regarding how I was to establish the prophet ministry call.  I was investigating how I could use the internet to reduce the cost of spreading the prophetic word so that anyone  who can get on the web will have access.  One day, as I meditated on what name to give the website, The Holy Spirit spoke to me in my spirit saying you must set the target for souls reached that only I, as God The Holy Spirit, through the Body of Christ in all denominations can achieve. It will require the Almighty power of The Holy Spirit as revival in The Church that a billion souls will get save in your life time.

This is an exciting prospect because it means that The Holy Spirit's vision is for an all inclusive interdenominational yet not through the organs of ecumenical institutions that the revival will occur. No doubt, if any denomination or groups of denominations are willing to surrender control to The Holy Spirit as He Wills than there is no stopping Him from using them as instruments for the salvations of millions.

The greatest challenge for 21st Century prophets is to pursue the vision of The Holy Spirit even at their own personal financial and reputation costs.  They must no only focus on endless rounds of conferences and / or going to the large influential churches for the rich financial and reputation pickings.

This is the time when the prophets must seek The Holy Spirit to open doors for them into every and any denomination, from the smallest church and /or dying church to the largest in the land.  Prophets should seek The Holy Spirit to give them the message to declare to any church without being restrained by the prophet's own prejudices.

The prophets must forsake being denominationally biased.  The Holy Spirit's vision is for the prophets to seek Him so that they target the dead or dying churches for revival.  Every church building will be required to house the millions that will be saved.  Churches cannot afford to be shutting down and sold for secular commercial uses.

A confirmation

I have been greatly blessed to find that I have indeed heard The Holy Spirit speaking regarding the goal of One Billion souls for Christ. This has been confirmed when I found out from the internet in early December 2005 that at the very time I was receiving this message from The Holy Spirit sometime in June 2005 it turns out that, unknown to me at the same time, a major global conference was being organised on the very same subject! On a website http://www.billionsoul.org/about.html this is an extract from the website entitled:

The Billion Soul Campaign is a coalition of more than 80 denominations, fellowships and ministries who are synergizing their efforts for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Included in the coalition are Global Pastors Network, Christ for all Nations, Youth With a Mission, Campus Crusade for Christ, Wycliffe Bible Translators, God.tv, Integrity Music, Crown Financial Ministries, Dawn Ministries, JESUS Film Harvest, Equip, OMS International, Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Church of God, The Foursquare Church and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Billion Soul Campaign is designed to help North American pastors reconnect the local church to lost communities, and to help take the Gospel to the remaining unreached people groups of the world."


Published 2005


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